Optimizing Radiopharmaceutical Therapies

Dr Roger Howell
Department of Radiology, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers University
Wednesday, March 10, 2021 - 11:00am
Zoom: https://utoronto.zoom.us/j/86899263531
Invited Speaker Seminar
Radiopharmaceutical therapy promises to be a front-line therapy against cancer. Recent successes are driving increased investment in this technology. Key to the long-term success of radiopharmaceutical therapy is ability to control the variables that affect its efficacy. While many of the variables have been well studied, key variables for the next generation of radiopharmaceuticals have been understudied. Among the key variables are dose rate effects, bystander effects, single versus multiple agents, and the role of multicellular dosimetry. This presentation will focus on these aspects and use experimental data and modeling to demonstrate how they can affect therapeutic efficacy.
Raymond Reilly
Centre for Pharmaceutical Oncology