"Ion Transport and Synaptic Function in Dendrites"

Dr. Jean Christophe Poncer
Research Director, INSERM Paris
Friday, September 13, 2013 - 2:00pm
Ramsay Wright Building, Room 432
Departmental Seminar
Selected Recent Publications: Le Roux, Cabezas, Böhm, Poncer (2013) Input-specific learning rules at excitatory synapses onto hippocampal PV-expressing interneurons. Journal of Physiology. Cebezas, Irinopoulou, Gauvain, Poncer (2012) Presynaptic by not postsynaptic GABA signaling at unitary mossy fiber synapses. Journal of Neuroscience. Gauvain, Chamma, Chevy, Cabezas, Ininopoulou, Bodrug, Carnaud, Levi, Poncer (2011) The neuronal K-Cl- cotransporter KCC2 influences postsynaptic AMPA receptor content and lateral diffusion in dendritic spines.
Dr. Melanie Woodin <m.woodin@utoronto.ca>
Dept of Cell and Systems Biology