Membrane fusion during herpesvirus entry: from structures to mechanisms

Dr. Katya Heldwein
Tufts University
Monday, January 20, 2020 - 4:00pm
PGCRL Auditorium, 686 Bay St., SickKids
Departmental Seminar
Herpesviral infections are initiated by fusion of the viral envelope and a host cell membrane. Whereas in most enveloped viruses, this process is accomplished by a single viral protein, all herpesviruses require at least three conserved viral glycoproteins plus other non-conserved proteins. We now know that in herpesviruses, various functions are distributed among multiple proteins. But, despite decades of research, many fundamental questions endure: Why are so many proteins required for entry and fusion of herpesviruses and how do they work together? The presentation will summarize the current knowledge in the field and highlight recent findings.
Dr. Lori Frappier
Department of Molecular Genetics