Molecular signatures of obesity and the metabolic syndrome in young adults assessed by NMR metabolomics in large cohorts

Peter Wurtz, PhD
Nightingale Health Ltd., Finland
Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 1:00pm
PG CRL Rm 3.9320, 3rd Fl. Multi-Media Room, 686 Bay St., Sickkids
Invited Speaker Seminar
Obesity and related risk factors have numerous effects beyond traditional risk markers. Comprehensive metabolic profiling of large cohorts is increasingly used to capture these molecular effects and how they may mediate disease risk. This presentation covers applications of NMR metabolomics to study the detailed metabolic effects of adiposity and related risk factors, such as insulin resistance and fatty liver disease, in adolescents and young adults.
Dr. Zdenka Pausova
Translational Medicine Seminar